My best clients

are founders of startups and scaleups who build a brand that stands out.

They foster

a close connection with their audience.

They run

their business in a highly competitive environment.

They are ready

to place brand in the heart of their business.

Meet your branding and business strategy consultant

Hi there, I’m Maria! 

Coming from a startup environment, I know the challenges that accompany company launch and growth very well. 

Branding is an answer to many questions: it allows to position the company in the market in the best way, increase sales, build a loyal community, and create long-term relationships with customers.

High-quality branding affects all parts of business, from strategy to content and customer support. 

I’m here to accompany you on this journey and help you to build a strong brand and unlock business growth.


What I do for you


Your company needs strong branding to be able to compete in a saturated market. Together, we create a solid foundation for that.

  • Find out what’s unique about your business
  • Clear direction
  • Actionable steps


I’ll help you to prepare for your product launch. We will define a Go-To-Market strategy that will secure your success.

  • Achieve product-market fit
  • Define your ideal target audience
  • Effectively combine strategy and execution


When you achieve product-market fit, it’s crucial to understand how your company grows. We will dive deeply in your business data, define the growth engine and pinpoint the best scaling strategy.

  • Every decision justified
  • Tailored growth paths
  • Optimise your spendings

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What my clients say

Maria is amazing! She is very enthusiastic to help out and gave very good advice on our branding strategy. Would highly recommend her!

Ram Chaitanya Nellore Founder and CEO of

Maria rocks! Maria took the time to dive into my platform, visit the product, check out the messaging and web structure and go back with a super valuable list of tips, guidelines and ideas for improvement. This is super valuable and would definitely be taken into consideration within our upcoming work on promoting the product and improving our web presence.

Tal Florentin Founder and CEO of Summurai

One of the best branding coaches I've learned from. She helped me structure the brand activities for my business right from strategy to actionable steps and great ideas - all within a short call. Not just that, she was prepared with notes and Miro board even before the call. She brings great experience and clarity!

Rishabh Dev, Founder of Canvasbynumbers


1000-1500 $

Casual consultant

Sounding board for your ideas, challenges and questions.

  • 1-2 meetings per month lasting 1 hour each
  • Unlimited remote Q&A
  • Ad-hoc calls when needed
2000-3000 $

Engaged Consultant

Continuous support in your journey, regular meetings, analysis

  • 4 meetings per month lasting up to 1.5 hours each
  • Engagement in special projects
  • Unlimited remote Q&A
  • Ad-hoc calls when needed
4000-6000 $

Co-Pilot Consultant

Deep engagement in strategy and marketing decisions, support in key hiring.

  • 4-5 meetings per month lasting up to 1,5 hours each
  • Monthly sessions dedicated to key decisions
  • Workshops for your team
  • Unlimited remote Q&A
  • Ad-hoc calls when needed

Happy Clients

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